Version 2.0 is out!

The new version of Toast Evolution is out. The concept is the same, drag toasts together to make new ones.

New features include:

- Save system: You no longer have to complete the game in one sitting.

- New Upgrades: You can now purchase more than two upgrades. Cool right?

- Tutorial: Some aspects of the version 1.0 was difficult to understand if you weren't involved in the making of the game. Now everyone can understand and play :D

- Christmas Theme: Press the santa hat button for that holiday spirit.

- Balancing fixes: Toast Evolution 1.0 had some very prominent balancing issues, game completion time was estimated to be weeks of active playing. The game is now less straining and boring. It also doesn't take weeks to complete anymore :)

- Bugfixes and other quality of life stuff.

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on version 1.0. It truly helped with the development of 2.0. You are all awesome.

Happy Holidays!


IAmToast & Edzion

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