Toast Evolution is a game where you combine toasts of the same tier to achieve a higher tier. You start with normal bread and have to work your way up to the ultimate toast. 

The game was originally made for the JamCraft7 gamejam.

Created by IAmToast & Edzion.


Ukulele -

Jingle Bells - Scott Holmes (

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Casual, Economy, Funny, Idle, Mouse only, Mystery, Pixel Art, Slice Of Life, Unity

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It'd be nice if the crates were rendered under the toast. I can barely open some crates because the toast is grabbed instead of the crate. I am on the web version. Other than that I like merging toast.


i do like the game!  but, every time i come back to play again, and go to options to  load game it tells me there is no save

i'm tired of starting over.  the game gets so laggy long before I can get auto open and auto merge.  i can't sit around all day opening boxes :/  would be a lot more fun if either it upgraded faster or at least saved so I could save, refresh, and clear the lag.

at no point has my game saved in your 2.0 version, and I've gone into the cog and hit save several times before I hit refresh

chrome, windows 10 laptop, most recent chrome update
saves done long before the lag starts, some saves done during the lag that is preventing me from being able to hand-merge my toasts, none of it saves.

will try again if there's any updates in the future.  I like the game though, the weird toasts are cute, but it seems to take far too long to get to auto merge and auto open before the lag is too strong. Maybe I am playing it wrong, I don't have attention span to sit here and click boxes forever though

Thanks for the feedback. We noticed that the save system doesn't work in certain web browsers, probably because of safety and security reasons. We did try it in chrome and it has worked for us. Try checking if your browser clears cookies automatically or if you have accepted cookies on this website. The save system was the most important feature that we added so it really sucks that it doesn't work for some people. Concerning the grind issues, yes we do know that parts of the game feel extra slow due to the long time gap between upgrades. If we can find the time, we will update the game and fix the balancing even further.


awww man... lol  (also ty for the reply, sorry I'm so slow to respond!) I finally had the save working I think, I went to refresh and it gave me a game not found because the game got renamed so now I start over again.  It's okay though, I was only at cosmic toast and that's as far as I've gotten in any game yet hehe.

I found the way to make it stick the save was to just do 3 or 4 saves in a row that seems to work and to also NOT save when it's got a lot of toast on the table.  I did double check chrome's update wasn't clearing any cookies and such but it's all good, other games stay so, I think chrome's new update is just being strange for me

One thing that would help is moving the crates up to the top of the table and letting us sort our toasts on the lower half.  A lot of times, I just leave the game up and return to crates covering toasts and struggling to catch any in time with the mouse.  I still don't have the magnet since the 2.0 update.

Followed in case there's future updates :)

I'm glad you got the save working :). I am not 100% sure if more updates will be made. I would love to keep working on this game but other projects sometimes get in the way. We will do our best!



i gave up at cosmic toast with butter. i think you should add upgrades like automerge or a way to buy higher levels of toast.


i have comic toast




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um cheese jam and ham lol also how many toasts are there i thought that said crotch monster XD

20 toasts, good luck getting to the end. It's gonna be rough.


I feel like cosmic bread is the final bread so I'll leave it here. Btw it'd be good if you added a recipe book. Best time killer I've ever seen

The recipe book is a great idea. Also, cosmic bread isn't the last but getting to the last one takes a ridiculous amount of time. That's on me.


My only gripe is that there's a toast with CHEESE and JAM


Nevermind. Another gripe added when I fused that one


not cool gam



cool game